More than a mere computer network, the verse is the digital frontier, a world of unimaginable constructs and unfathomable abstracts. It is your processed conscious, a digital projection of thought and mind. The verse is a universe beyond any computer system or software. No single computer holds the verse, no mainframe maintains the system. The verse lays beyond hardware to exist as a manifested presence in an incorporeal world. There is no alternate reality, no other dimension. The verse exists in the material world but as an immaterial signal.
In the verse the mind takes control as the body lay motionless. The connection is something like being incorporeal, however, you don't change and neither does your mind. Complex algorithms intercept the neural signals that would be received into your body. Instead of your muscles interpreting your thought of walking, your digital presence is propelled forward. Your muscles never receive the signal, instead a virtual point of reference travels and your mind is convinced that this was a successful interpretation of your will. Because your mind is fully engaged, because you are utterly emerged in the virtual world, your point of 'self' interprets the virtual movement as readily as your mind would. Your muscles never contract or relax, but your mind accepts this. Your mind and body carry on as if the process of thought to muscles were complete. It is this interception of neural processing that makes the verse possible.
Most folks enter the verse via a headset, devices that intercept and process thought while simultaneously filtering just enough information through to keep your basic biological functions operating. Your circulatory system and respiration are kept active because the interface system acknowledges the required signals and lets that information pass into the body. Biological functions such as pain, hearing, taste, speech, and sight are intercepted. While connected your body is not physically capable of these functions. Any event that would cause your physical body to engage such function is ignored, these sensory inputs are not even processed into your virtual self.

The Virtual Self

Your presence within the verse is a digital signal. In its most basic form, your point of reference is a set of coordinates defined by its proximity to all other signals. A verge locale can have virtual objects, but these too are just coordinates. A creation of a wall in the verse is simply the designation of four coordinates with an image placed between them. On top of these coordinates are placed rules, without rules the wall would be as virtual as it truly is. Without rules your presence can move through the wall, move through the image placed between the four coordinates. When the rule of solidity is applied to the wall, your presence can no longer move through it, no longer pass between those coordinates. Because the verse is a virtual projection, it does not possess physical form, it also does not suffer physical limitations. Gravity is a phenomenon imposed on physical objects, gravity does not natively exist in the verse. Gravity is often the second rule applied to almost every verse locale. The rule of gravity keeps your presence grounded instead of being able to float up and over the wall.


Coordinates the only unbreakable rule of the verse. Without coordinates, there is no verse.
Solidity a simple rule preventing movement between coordinates.
Gravity the rule that keeps one coordinate attracted to another.
Doorway that a point of access is defined to a cluster of coordinated.
Texture the rule that allows images to be attached between coordinates.
Avatar the rule that allows a visitor to overlay their own texture onto their coordinates.

Locale Types

When you enter the verse, you retain all knowledge and skills. You may not have a physical body but your mind still functions; given that everything is digital, that's all you need. The rules of the verse are locale specific. On occasion, you may find a locale without gravity or without solidity, but these are specifically designed to provide an abstract experience. The prime rules of the verse are almost always implemented. Keep in mind that verse locales are synthetic, they are programmed from outside the verse. Verse locale do not come into being organically, someone (or something) creates them, applies the rules they chose and then opens the door.
Desk From tiny CPUs to the mega mainframes, Desk locales can be housed in just about anything. These are simple geometric 'rooms' often with very basic textures, if any. Desk do not commonly allow avatars as they are designed to be interfaces for their inherent systems. In a Desk, you may not be able to move, instead you are presented with an environment in which you summon, manipulate, and dismiss menus and options. Through such a system you could access log or analysis files, or calibrate settings. Desks are often attached to larger locales where they serve as a repository for visitors that aimed to enter the larger local but were denied entry for some reason, often due to insufficient privileges.
Lounge Abc
Club Abc
Dungeon Abc
Steet Abc

Breaking the Rules



The second rule commonly applied is the avatar. In our physical world, you see yourself as the physical being you are. As you look forward you see your hands at work and the front of your body. If you look in a mirror you see the reflection of yourself that others see. When you first enter the verse, you are a set of coordinates. An avatar is a representation of your self-placed at your coordinates. Commonly your avatar is a projection of your physical form. Because your mind perceives you as your physical form it is easiest for verse interfaces to convince you that the virtual image at your coordinates is you. However, your perception of yourself is often misaligned. You don't spend your life looking at yourself but rather you view the word in front of you from your position. It is because of this point of origin to our perception that we tend to view yourself a little more... perfect than we actually are. Our avatars reflect this. A base avatar is a virtual simulacrum of you as your unconscious mind perceives you. You will appear as you with slight improvements; your hair may be neat, perfectly colored and at a length that you prefer. Your eyes may be clearer and have a more vibrant color than your physical body does. Scars or blemishes may not be present. Your clothes may be cleaned, pressed, and of your favorite style.
While in the verse you have a sense that mimics real world. You see, hear, smell, and even taste what the verse locale is program to deliver to you. It is not your body that senses these things, it is your mind and the verge interface delivering sensory input to your brain. But what about touch? You have no physical form in the verse. Touch is just another sense that the interface translates to your mind. The rules in a standard verse locale state what coordinates, or boundaries between coordinates, will prevent an avatar from passing, and in response return a sense of touch to the verge interface. It is the rules governing coordinate boundaries that deliver a sense of touch to your mind. Couple this with your avatar, and the rules stating that the avatar boundaries cannot pass through coordinate boundaries and you have touch sensation. Further, interaction of rules is what allows your avatar to walk. Firstly, you have gravity, which keeps your avatar attracted to a surface, then you have no pass boundary rules for object coordinates and your avatar alike. Combined, these rules allow a virtual object to be picked up and manipulated by your avatar.
When you first enter the verse your avatar is formed by your mind. Your perception of yourself is deciphered and processed into boundary rules. Even the clothing, weapons, armor, and equipment you typically carry is accommodated into your avatar. This is because your mind comfortably perceives them. It is easy for you to perceive a pistol if you are physically holding it. When your avatar is formed it takes that perception and renders it. Your avatar perfectly defines all mental attributes of your physical form: Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Your physical attributes are a special consideration. On one hand, particularly physical people, whether fast, strong, or tough, have a predefined perception of their physical capabilities, placing such people in to a mental environment, where the rules as stated by a digital world define the resistances against their physicality, and such people typically have difficulty equating physical comparisons. On the other hand, people with low physicality but high mental aptitude are often more capable of interpreting the abstract differences of the verse to the real world. Such people are often able to apply their mental acuity to what they perceive as physicality while in the verse. As such, when you enter the verse you assign equivalents of your mental attributes, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma to your physical attributes.
While in the verse you retain all skills at the level you have them in reality. You even obtain verge version of your physical skills, such as Athletics, as their use is as much about knowing how to perform the skill as actually performing it. The same occurs for feats and special abilities. Your hit points however are ignored, you receive only your stamina points. Creatures that have no stamina receive half their hit points instead. Your KAC is also ignored. Your EAC becomes your only defense.
(in reality)
STR 10 8
DEX 15 18
CON 12 10
INT 18
WIS 10
KAC 14 n/a
EAC 13
HP 9 n/a
Resolve 5
Xeon24 is headed into the verse, it plugs a cable from the Verse desk into its Data Jack. Xeon24 has a Verse Chip so it doesn't need an external interface. The andoid's body falls limply onto the stasis bed. It awakens in the verse to find it's INT, WIS and CHA remain the same but it's STR, DEX and CON change. To determine its physical attributes Xeon considers its mental attributes: 18, 10 and 8. Xeon24 decides that the 18 will go in its DEX, then 10 will go into his CON. That leaves the 8 to become it's STR. Xeon24's hit points and KAC are ignored but his Stamina and EAC remain to become its defensive statistics. Xeon24 retains all its skills, feats, and special abilities. However, Xeon24 can't cast spells in the verse.