Game Modules

Cargo RunnerFrom level 1

You've landed your ship in the dock, signed the paperwork and payed the docking fees, now to find Colgan; that rat of a broker promised he'd be here. You head into the station looking but you find more than you bargained for.
Digital TearsFrom level 3

Strange things are happening across the station; fire alarms, sprinklers, and air-lock malfunctions. People are scared. Is the station falling apart? You must deal with riots, strange aliens and a rival crew. When the cause is uncovered, the station, the universe, and your crew will never be the same again.
Dead SpaceFrom level 5

A derelict ship appears out of the drift, close, way too close to the station. You board the ship to find out what's going on, but when you do, you find yourselves part of the problem rather than the solution.
Drifting SidewaysFrom level 7

While in the drift you pass through a strange gas cloud. You become stranded when your engines shut down. A frantic quest to fix the engines before your life support runs out. Luckily help arrives, but that’s when things readily go sideways.
BlackfireFrom level 9

An Eoxian ship lands in the bay next to your ship. You watch as several black cloaks are led in to waiting security shuttles. It's then a soft tug pulls at your sleeve, a gaunt body lay at your feet, it reaches up to hand you something... a data chip. Before you have time to examine it the Exonia ship explodes! Fire rolls out like clouds. Bulkheads twist like grass in the wind. The entire section is raining with shrapnel. The hangar shield are about to fail. You have no choice.... the Eoxian ship is the only primed to take off.