Index of Tables
Table A: Monetary Units
Table B: Price Modifiers
Table H: Sniper Weapons
Table A: Monetary Units
Monetary Units
Pact World Credit Value Unit description
Silvernite "Serial"1.15 cr virtual, highly secure, mainframe checks on trading (Θ)
Pact World "Credit"1 cr virtual currency (cr)
Oldath Corp "Vodur"0.8 cr small blue disk with holographic center (≈)
Vesk "Roir"1 cr smelted coin with blood encoded center peice (R)
Kasathas "Ems"1 cr star crystals (☼)
Shireen "Querad"1 cr clear laser etched disc (ô)
Maiken "Doshi"0.9 cr printed script (§)
Table B: Price Modifiers
Price Modifiers
Apply MultipleExample
Culture, Exoticx3designed by Air Genasi
Design, Antiquex2per Gap
Design, Famousx2.designs by Vigo Strauss
Design, Detected Forgeryx0.25discovered counterfeit artwork
Design, Intricatex1.5delicate lace carving
Design, Modernx1.5startlingly efficient design
Design, Replicax0.75obvious replica of Princess Toman's gown
Material, Poorx0.5made of recycled fencing
Material, Rarex4made of Star Iron
Material, Richx2made of Meteor Iron
Quality, Exceptionalx2exceptionally fine edged
Quality, Poorx0.5dull and notched blade
Social, Noblex2worn by the upper class
Social, Peasantx0.75worn by lower class
Social, Royalx4worn by Princess Toman
Status, In Demandx1.5the citys latest fashion
Status, Surplusx0.75last years fashion
Size, Largex1.5over sizes
Size, Smallx0.75half sized
Table H: Sniper Weapons
Sniper Weapons
Deadeye Rifle, Shadow JA31,4201d8 C60 ft.-20 charges41Sniper (200 ft.), unwieldy
Deadeye Rifle, Wraith JA88,4202d8 C60 ft.-20 charges21Sniper (400 ft.), unwieldy
Deadeye Rifle, Spectre JA1474,2005d8 C70 ft.-40 charges41Sniper (600 ft.), unwieldy
Deadeye Rifle, Reaper JA18904,2009d8 C80 ft.-80 charges81Sniper (800 ft.), unwieldy

Eoxian Deadeye Sniper Rifles

Based on power generation technology from Eox, the damaging cores of these rifles condense necromantic energy into a fine, ultra precise beam of black energy that freezes it's targets to the bone like the touch of a ghost. Each is named after a form of incorporeal undead, from the umbral shadow to the grim reapers of legend.
JA: Jeff Anderson (Website)