About Merge Station

Merge NY158-C74 is an amalgamation of defunct or repurposed space stations. Over time merge has grown with several minor stations and specialty function ships added. The station houses over 2 Million people from all corners of the galaxy.
Merge is governed by The Council, nine officials placed in power by different means, from those nine, a Premier is elected. The current Premier is Kaptain Matvei Sulkin.
“Emerald City” Oldath Luxury Cruiser
Recommissioned Federation Aeronautics Array
801-LND Colony Station “Banrake”
Salvaged Graviton array
Balen KED57 Synthetic Neural Unit
Salvaged Rilem Mining Station
Terra Engine
Salvaged population hub
Maiken Terra-Colonial Ship KH7-153 “Ceylon”

Emerald City

Dwarfed by rising spires of steel and glass, you could imagine the district as a forest of neon tree and glass leaves were it not for the countless billboards and information bots. The air here is crisp and clean, distant suns send rays of light shining down between the towers. Bridges and walk-ways cross over streams and ponds. The environment supports life, small birds and message drones twitter about, insects buzz across lily filled lakes.
Emerald City is considered the most desirable real estate on the station. Originally an Oldarth Corporation Luxury cruiser, the refitted living complexes boast a clean and generally safe quality of life. The district currently houses approximately 350,000 people, the clear majority of which are human. 25 floors reach into the sky as iron and glass towers, 10 levels descend below the ground. A magnetic field maintains an earth like atmosphere high above the towers, this allows gardens and water ways to thrive. The region is primarily housing, services and civil functions are provided in the districts district below however the street levels are littered with cafe, cantina, and restaurants. Beyond the magnetic field, a kinetic force field also protects the district, there area between the two fields filled with a green aurora. It has long been rumored that Emerald City is protected by Command Zeta, a rumor supported by the distinct lack of visible command forces.
• Ivory Tower, ultra-luxury condos
• Starview, high density apartments
• Wayfinder's Temple, abc
• Warden's Lake, the center hub of the district
• Ender's Catina


White walls and grey tiles form the corridors and foyers of this commercial district. At every turn lay a business begging for your credits, neon signs spell out their commercial offerings, some have floating signs and view screens. Occasionally a spruiker calls out to you from across the way, their over-eager manner tells you that you probably don't need what they're selling. Sigma guards walk in pairs and maintain security offices on every level. For the most part, the district is clean and safe.
The services district covers 12 levels providing everything from the hair dressing to droid re-chroming. While services can be found in any district, only the most successful businesses manage to survive in the Services. The clear majority of shops are bright and well lit. The air is clean. The district has no an offical residences, although many shop owners maintain sleeping quarters, and there are always a few tucked away vargrants.
• SyncSkin, digital skin accessories
• Fantasy Couture, innovative tech fashions
• Eyes of March, cosmetic and cyber eye specialist
• Crystal Air, custom manufactured trace chemical air pods or take-away canisters
• Decker's, cerebral programming and memory retrieval
• Topher Programing, droid AI customization
• Gammon Detron Shem Legal Advocacy
• Lucan Counselling
• Church of Five Heavens
• Alliance Banking Services
• Merge Credit Exchange
• Gamma Pods, hotel pods


Beside the checker tile floor and pendant lighting, frosted glass walls partition the wide corridors. Plants and waterfalls are common decoration aside corporate logos and service desks. The air is cool, clean, and filled with twinkling music and vague machine noise. Service bots float around offering advice on locations and services. Within higher profile offices the occasional Sigma guard stands tucked discreetly away. On occasion, an emissary approaches you, they smile and offer to lead you where you enquire.
Comprising of 6 levels of bureaucracy and offices, Redline is the civil district of Merge city. Forming a ring, the levels have a population of approximately 100,000 people mostly corporate representatives and their families. Sigma command patrols the district although it is clear that there is rarely any trouble in the area.
• Council Hall
• Department of Commercial Licensing
• xx, university
• Federation Embassy
• RAU, Residence Allocation Unit
• Command Recruiting Offices
• Commercial Standards Office


The halls here are spacious, the air crisp and clean. Stoic guards stand at every air lock, their distinct uniforms reveal that they are not command soldiers. Finely groomed stewards eagerly attend every person that triggers an air lock into their adjoining foyer; with grace and diplomacy they enquire as to your visiting purpose. The air here is fresh and clean and the only noise is the soft murmur of voices from distant rooms. No check plate or metal lay exposed, every surface is trimmed with luxury and decadence.
Thrones houses the “royalty” of Merge, both literal and figurative. Consisting of two high roofed levels of expansive luxury, the district is connected by two primary rings offering an opulence not seen anywhere else in Merge. Situated just above the military zones, Thrones is subjected to extreme levels of security. Each check point is controlled by Command to allow entry to the area, private guards, and systems further screen any entering a specific designation. Even passing between levels here can be difficult. Populated by just over 50,000 people, Thrones secures several lines of displaced Royalty and a dozen ambassidors. The council maintains private residences for each of its members here, although few maintain permeant residence.
• Command Embassy
• Prince Taiskel of Ban'sam
• Matriarch Ki'suke of Castrovel
• Ambassador Darke
• Kinthule Soan
• Ambassador Jorn


Exposed metal and utility panels are the primary surface in this area. Pipes line the roof while checker-plate walk ways lead to thick bulkheads and air locks. Command soldier traverse the area like ants at a picnic. On occasion a Zeta officer eyes you from behind thick glass-steel walls. At major intersections lay computer terminals. With a quick palm scan you can bring up directions to your intended location.
The military plane is the widest ring of the station but comprises only a hand full of levels. It is well known that Merge was not purpose built for military operations, however Commander Osero has made the station more than capable of defending itself. Half of the top level is exposed to space, this allows the fighter bays to quickly deploy when needed. The lowest levels merge with the starship docks, here the command Rho ships wait in large bays.
• Command Alpha, 1,012 short range interceptor fighters, 115 heavy assault fighters, 46 patrol vehicles, 2 destroyers and 1 dreadnaught class.
• Command Omega, fixed position defenses, includes 64 short range laser arrays, 34 long range missile launchers and 8 mag-lev cannons.
• Command Rho, 18 non-uniform ships functioning as boarding vessels but most commonly serves as rescue, haulage, and tug vessels.
• Command Sigma, 2,500 marines, 250 elite guard.
• Command Zeta, nav coordination, communications, customs, security, intelligence (Xi), and special forces (Ashen).


Shuttle and tug ships dart about the void. The bulk of this district is open space and while the environment is protected by mag fields at outer ports no gravity exists in the void. Several large star ships are docked in maintenance bays. You can see people is exosuits drifting about inspecting out hull and complex systems. Toward the center of the station rests the construction arrays, within are several skeletal ships still waiting for hull plating and frame completion. Gravity exists within the sealed levels, and that's about it. The floor is bare checker-plate or catwalks, every wall is lined with exposed pipe and machinery. Air locks lead to maintenance and construction rooms. Welding lights flickering from distant workers. The air here is cold and doused with the smell of oil and metal. You can hear the enviro unit working overtime to keep up with industry traces. No commands patrol the area on foot; an occasional shuttle drifts past with command onboard.
• unfinished dreadnaught
• GX-63 “Rayon”, battleship near completion
• BX-04 “Furor”, decommissioned battleship
• UFP-44 “Cersei”, science vessel undergoing retrofit


The air here is thick with chem traces, enough to sting your eyes. Noise penetrates every bulkhead with some areas vibrating enough to shake the catwalks. The enviro units and dampeners are barely working. The 12 levels here house the industry of Merge, from system manufacturing to mechanical repairs. Even the lights here flicker with the near rhythmical thumping. Workers move about with purpose most oblivious as they pass. On occasion a lurking figure nods to you from a shadowed corner. Long term residence of the district wear industrial gas masks, if they haven't had filtration upgrades themselves. Lining the corridors are offices of construction and repair crews.
The machine district is dense with noise and pollution. Laborers move about like zombies, either exhausted from work or medicated against it. The area is unclean and far from safe. Every corridor has broken lighting and malfunctioning bulkheads. The catwalks lead to levels within levels as massive construction rooms and hanger bays hold work in progress. Machines thump noise and vibration though the area. No dampeners to speak of, every step here is felt more than made. There seems to be no visible command presence here. The area has a thriving black market, especially for drugs and ship parts. Machine is also the center for smuggling and mercenary hire.
• JX Construction
• Harmer Ship Systems
• Labor Union Offices
• Greystone Contracting
• Ironhall, Cantina


A network of corridors links huge custom environment domes. For most part the corridors are clean and safe. The floors are paneled and the walls free of exposed pipes or machinery. The air is fresh but the trace make-up differs between bulkheads. On occasion a door leads into the foyer of one of the massive bio domes. Within the foyers reside complex systems that create custom environments. Computer terminals offer security to these areas. The district is granted somewhat of a romantic idea by the people, as such several groups of “tourists” stroll about, intending to enter a dome or not.
• The Hive, gravity light, porous rock crevasses and tunnels
• The Forest, replicates the dense flora of Castrovel
• Bylehu, high gravity gas giant
• The Stadium
• Chanyusk, Crystalline naive habitat for hyper frigid silicone based crystal life forms
• Zero, zero gravity void, dome is actually not configured yet
• Nirvana, pastoral hills, breathtaking mountains and lush woodland, devoted to Sarenrae


The streets are covered in cold steel where they are not painted with corporate callings or piled waste. Heaven is a gleaming temptress that pulses music from doorways that never close. Every street offers entertainment that may cost you credits, every shadow offers hedonism that would cost you more. The air is stale, breathable, static, and dense with moisture and chems. People shuffle about keen to avoid the cold drizzle that never stops. Rickshaws linger in every alley, every so often a driver lurches to life from his broken state, when the customer passes the man flumps his shoulders and descends back into the shadows. Command Sigma is a constant presence here, but more often than not their uniforms lay over the lounge of a compliant hostess. As you pass, a scantily clad girl giggles from a neon doorway, she beckons you inside with whispered promise. From some distant shopfront, a sign flickers like camera flashes over you face.
• Prima Studios,
• Zone1 Rickshaw, rickshaw control center
• Control Jack, virtual reality experiences
• Illusion, digit light enhanced night club (sublminal messaging)
• Club Adonis, scultured body nightclub (strip club)
• Oxy Chem, customized trace element inhalers
• Perversion, customized extreme experience uploads
• X, physical pleasure center